Instrumentation and Control Systems

The Training Center SEFTEC Global Training invites everyone to short-term professional courses:
The operation of Instrumentation and Automation (I&C - Instrumentation and Control Systems), the basics of SCADA systems.

You will begin your training with the basics of electrics, electronics, safety rules while working with electricity.
We will teach you:
- basics of commissioning of instrumentation and control systems;
- check and adjust pressure, temperature, level, flow sensors;
- to understand such loop schemes;
- identify and fix problems in intelligent loop circuits;
- use TREX communicator, HART 475 communicator;
- use current setters, FLUKE-707;
- read electrical circuits of any complexity;
- use DPI-610-20 bar, PV-60, PV-411 presses;
- use the resistance shop;
- convert an analog signal to a digital one using a PLC;
- transfer data from the PLC to the SCADA system;
- signal check and operation of devices according to the international standard
Mandatory conditions for completing the course: the presence of a document on obtaining secondary specialized and higher education in instrumentation and control systems or automated control systems.
The training is conducted by highly qualified Specialists with extensive experience who have worked in international Companies in the Oil and Gas Industry.
Upon completion of the course, SEFTEC Global Training LLP certificate will be issued for the attendees.

Trainings Duration #of delegates

We also offer tailor made courses to suit the client’s requirements and needs and can provide training on site or at a clients premises if required throughout the RoK.

Please contact us for any further information.