SEFtec Team

SEFtec Team

SEFtec Global Training is a local company and has been trading in Kazakhstan for over 5 years providing training to over 200 clients.

During last year SEFtec trained over 20,000 delegates in our various training facilities throughout Kazakhstan.

At present, we employ 43 personnel, which 39 are Kazakh nationals. For these local national’s we operate an internal training system which takes employees of Kazakh nationality from internships through to fully internationally recognised qualifications.

Quality and Safety are two major factors that matter the most to us here at SEFtec Global Training.

We uphold this by continuing to provide training to the highest standards that meet our customer’s requirements.

Our goal here at Seftec as a safety training provider is to supply you with a safe, informative and enjoyable training experience to help you work better and safer in your work environment.