Environmental Policy

It is the policy of SEFtec Global Training LLC to conduct all operations in a manner which protects environment and conforms with all applicable legislation.

Environment protection is of great importance to SEFtec Global Training LLC. It is a line responsibility that extends to all levels of Management and Supervision. All employees should perform their assigned work in accordance with this policy, both in company facilities and in the communities where the company conducts business.

The Environmental Policy is carried out through the following practices:

  • Providing the resources necessary to achieve an effective environmental programme with consistent performance throughout the Company.
  • Training and educating employees regarding the company’s environmental policy and their individual responsibilities and duties.
  • Incorporating at the design phase all anticipated or current necessary environmental protection mechanisms, procedures and processes that have been proven technically.
  • Complying with all international and national requirements for the environmentally sympathetic disposal of waste material and the use, only, of licensed contractors for this purpose.
  • Reviewing the environmental performance of the company’s operations and facilities on a periodic basis.
  • The company will recognise and respond to local community concern about its actions. In doing so it will seek to minimise any emissions, discharge and waste generated by its facilities or operations.

In accordance with this policy, any employee who knowingly violates applicable environmental law and regulations may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

Signed for on behalf of
SEFtec Global Training LLC
Asset Karazhay