Company Policy

It is the policy of SEFtec Global Training LLC to provide our clients with the confidence that we shall deliver the level of training and service required to fulfill the clients specifications in a safe and timely manner.

Our objective is to operate an effective, documented and controlled system, which will ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Employees shall actively be encouraged to contribute to the continuous improvements and development of the company.
  • SEFtec Global Training LLC shall ensure all schedules are fully resourced with adequately trained and qualified personnel.
  •      Our aim is to lead by example, encourage teamwork and provide training to create a company and culture, which will attract and maintain personnel on a permanent basis.
  • SEFtec Global Training LLC will establish and maintain a good working relationship with our customers and suppliers to ensure continuity and quality of service.
  •     SEFtec Global Training LLC aim to be the benchmark within the industry and continue to build on our reputation of quality, reliability and commitment.

Signed for on behalf of
SEFtec Global Training LLC
Asset Karazhay