13 Jun

SEFtec provide Safety Training for Kazakhstan’s Oil & Gas Students.

The new Atyrau Petroleum Educational Center (APEC) Petrotechnic is just after completing its first year study program.

At the start of June 2014, SEFtec were delighted to receive the first ever APEC students to receive Oil and Gas Industry Safety Training in Kazakhstan.

The students successfully completed their OPITO, BOSIET and H2S Trainings over several days at the SEFtec Training Centre in Atyrau.

It was a pleasure to work with the students, who demonstrated a very high level of professionalism, and credit should be given to the college and the students themselves for their enthusiasm and genuine desire to learn new skills.

SEFtec congratulate APEC in doing such an obviously good job with educating these bright young students, and for recognizing and promoting the importance of Safety Training.

We look forward to welcoming APEC students for Safety Training again in the future.